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Posted: Aug 05, 2014



At the Burke Group, the foundation in all that we do is helping our clients enhance their success by linking their human resources to business strategies. Today more than ever, organizations require a solid foundation from which to change and grow. The Burke Group contributes to the success and profitability of our clients by providing a variety of human resources services that allows you to focus on the things that make you profitable – running your core business.

With over thirty five years of business experience, supporting clients in Niagara and beyond, our consultants pride ourselves on our ability to develop unique, customized solutions. We are uniquely curious individuals who believe that there is no one fit solution for any given business.   Our certified (Certified Human Resources Professional) team bring a depth of previous project experience to each service line available.  After thirty five years we’ve dealt with everything and it’s that experience that we apply to any human resources issue you may encounter – training, staffing, downsizing, consulting – we can make your life easier.

 How about them apples?


HRPA withdraws from the CCHRA

Posted: Jul 22, 2014


In keeping up with the latest industry news, we have decided to publish the following link to an excellent, relevant article.   For any of our fellow professionals who may be uninformed, we hope that by spreading the word an actual debate can be started.




Happy Summer

Posted: Jun 27, 2014

Summer on a beach

Wishing you and your families a safe and sun filled summer.

Thank you for your continued support throughout all the seasons.

The Burke Group Team.

Congratulations Anne Charette Tyler!

Posted: Jun 03, 2014


Senior Human Resource Leadership Award

On May 21, 2014 the HRPAN Board of Directors presented Anne Charette-Tyler, President of the Burke Group, with the first Niagara Chapter Senior Human Resource Leadership Award at the 2014 ABM.

This ‘new’ award is presented to a Senior Human Resource professional that has made considerable contributions to the HR profession, locally, provincially and nationally, and has provided leadership both in the HR Profession and the community as a whole.

In his presentation remarks Dr. Grant Armstrong the President, Niagara Chapter of the HRPA talked about Anne’s immense commitment to the HR profession. “She is someone prepared to take a stand up and speak out, and challenge the status quo regardless of the personal consequences. She is in fact inspired by the challenge of doing the right thing.” He also talked about the numerous contributions Anne has made to the HR profession and her community. Here are a few.

  1. President of the HRPA (instrumental in implementing the degree requirement for the CHRP)
  2. President of the CCHRA (Canadian Council of Human Resource Associations)
  3. Vice-President of NAHRMA (North American Human Resource Management Association)
  4. Chair and Founding member of Leadership Niagara
  5. President Heart and Stroke Foundation of Niagara
  6. Chair Niagara Peninsula Industry Education Council, oh I forgot to mention
  7. The president of her own successful local management consulting and staffing firm.  To name a few.


Anne is the first recipient of the Niagara Chapter Senior Human Resource Leadership Award.

Taking the Pulse of Your Organization

Posted: May 08, 2014

employee-attitude[1]How do you find out how happy your employees are?

People in organizations are typically expected to manage in a manner that combines technical expertise, superior people management skills, and organizational knowledge to achieve optimum performance. For many though, many factors, including the demands of the job, the tight deadlines, and even personal style, can contribute to a climate of dissatisfaction with managers and how they are running the show. Moreover, a manager or leadership as a whole may have a sense that something is not right, but may not be aware of what exactly that is.

Employees can be approached directly and asked for their opinions and input, but few would be likely to express formally their answers – especially any dissatisfaction – for fear of any reprisals from management or negative repercussions for the organization. So the real prevailing attitudes remain uncovered.

Unless you conduct an EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE SURVEY.

An Employee Attitude Survey, also known as an Organizational Climate Survey, is a standard questionnaire, anonymously completed, that gauges employee attitudes toward the organization and management, and the overall work environment. Such a survey can assist in addressing issues before they become too large or lead to lower productivity. They can help improve your business by discovering what employees are thinking, what they want, need, like, or dislike about the organization. The results can identify areas of strengths within the organization, as well as identifying ‘hot spots” and areas for improvement for both short and long term planning and development.

Attitude surveys examine employees’ level of satisfaction with a variety of organizational issues, including Product/Service Quality, Work Environment, Work Pressure, Decision Making, Accountability, Bureaucracy, Communication, Management, and overall Job Satisfaction. Surveys can also be customized to include questions to address issues that are particularly relevant for the organization, such as Health & Safety, Total Quality Management, or Change Management.

Anonymously-responded surveys also provide a voice for those within the organization who may normally be reluctant to speak up about issues they may have with staff, work loads, management style, and compensation to name but a few. Furthermore, associated demographic information can assist in better targeting solutions, and planning for the future development of the people and the whole organization. They are also a very cost effective way to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization.

There are five key points or “musts” to keep in mind when conducting Employee Attitude Surveys:

  1. Select the right survey instrument … the survey tool should be straightforward, relatively short, and easy to complete, focusing on how employees feel about their jobs, their relationships with coworkers and  other work groups, and their relationships with the boss and upper management.
  2. Protect Confidentiality … to ensure honest responses and foster a comfort level within respondents.
  3. Communicate the Results … the respondents are expecting to know the results of their efforts, and the issues raised, including both the positives and the negatives.
  4. Survey Regularly … in order to measure improvement, and gauge the resulting changes in employees’ attitudes and concerns.
  5. Commit to Action … employees must see that their efforts were not wasted, and that action is being taken – otherwise, you will probably not get any participation in future surveys.

We live in an age where having the right information at the right time can significantly affect the course of a business or organization. Surveys are effective tools that reveal what is truly going on and the attitudes contributing to performance, and can positively impact the strategies and decisions piloting the organization toward success.   Contact us today, we can help.