Flexible Staffing

January 28, 2013


Flexible staffing is the ability to achieve the perfect balance of having the right amount of team meeting all your business needs effectively and efficiently in periods of growth and status quo. The Burke Group can help you achieve the perfect balance in helping you meet all of your staffing needs. We recommend hiring to your median needs ( not your greatest or least) and we will meet you in the middle!  When you have spikes in your business we can be there to support and provide the additional hands that will make you the dollars that you need.    When that time period expires, so do we.   We are around no longer than what you deem is business necessary.

In the past a “temporary” agency employee was categorized as a data entry/administrative role alone.  As the face and nature of your business can change, so to does The Burke Group.   We have a large pool of skilled, administrative, technological, engineering, accounting and manual workforce.

Big projects, small projects, special orders, deadlines looming, we have qualified trained employees trained and ready to go.    We can help you achieve your goals without employee burnout, or costly overtime. Our flexible workforce of one, or a crew of many will keep your organization on the path of progress.    All of our Burke Group team members are interviewed, trained, tested (WHMIS & AODA) with guaranteed credentials before they are even considered for assignment.  We proudly say and hope you will join us “Burke temps are the best!”