Managing Employee Performance : Always a Hot Topic

March 8, 2013


Are you effectively managing your employee’s performance?  This is always a hot topic and for many business owners and managers, the answer is a resounding, often frustrated ‘no’.

Studies have shown that organizations with effective performance management processes in place consistently outperform those without such systems.   Without clear vision and specific goals, employees are left feeling unmotivated and complacent.

Yet, do you ever wonder whether the traditional process or ‘report-card’ style of performance management is actually working, or is it marred by forced rankings, severe time investment and low impact on overall performance?

At The Burke Group, we believe in linking performance planning with annual corporate business planning.  By establishing targets for improvement and focusing on creating and reviewing methods to achieve goals, this model ensures that all employees are sharing the vision and working toward the achievement of an established set of goals.

If your organization’s performance management model needs a tune-up for spring, give us a call here at The Burke Group.  Through our HR outsourcing services, you can access the expertise of an HR professional who will work with you on a project basis to establish an effective performance management process that suits your organization’s culture, budget and needs.

We guarantee a model that will foster trust between employees and management and address how team members can enhance their own performance and play to their strengths.