Office (Dis)Comfort – your environment is important!

June 5, 2013


A correctly arranged workspace equals a positive, productive team member!  Here are some tips to optimize your space.

Arrange Your Equipment
Arrange your equipment so that you can work in a natural and relaxed position. Place items that you use frequently within easy reach. Adjust your workstation setup to the proper height by lowering the table or stand that holds your computer equipment or raising the seat height of your chair. To create more desk space, you can put your computer base on the floor.

Adjust Your Monitor
Correct placement and adjustment of the monitor can reduce eye, shoulder, and neck fatigue. Check the following when you position the monitor.

Checking Your Comfort
How Do You Measure Up?
Use this check list to see if you are setting up your work environment to fit your needs.

Checking Your Keyboard

Checking Your Mouse

Checking Your Monitor

Checking You