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Summer Help Required?

Posted: Jul 04, 2013

Sailing on the Blue Sea

If you are looking for extra help during the summer season, contact us today.   We have a team of professional Burke Temps who can help keep your company on course for summer smooth sailing during the vacation season.   Our professional team is trained and poised to pitch in at a moment’s notice with administrative, industrial and more skilled staff available.

Third Party Investigations

Posted: Jun 20, 2013


On June 15, 2010, Bill 168 was introduced which amended the Occupational Health and Safety Act to deal with workplace violence and harassment. This change now requires every workplace in Ontario with more than 5 employees to:

The Burke Group consultants can help support your organization with development/implementation/change or training on these policies.   We can also be there to support you when the going gets tough, and the services of an experienced neutral third-party may be required to conduct a workplace investigation.    Our lead consultant is Queen’s University certified in Fact Finding and Investigations- focusing on the ability to deal with workplace complaints.  Let us be the experts, so you can focus on your business.



A local employer with worldwide reach, doing amazing things!

Posted: Jun 19, 2013

We wanted to share this amazing article about Pure Handknit in Elle magazine.    Congrats to Shannon and her global team for all the good that you do!

Click here for the full article.


Office (Dis)Comfort – your environment is important!

Posted: Jun 05, 2013


A correctly arranged workspace equals a positive, productive team member!  Here are some tips to optimize your space.

Arrange Your Equipment
Arrange your equipment so that you can work in a natural and relaxed position. Place items that you use frequently within easy reach. Adjust your workstation setup to the proper height by lowering the table or stand that holds your computer equipment or raising the seat height of your chair. To create more desk space, you can put your computer base on the floor.

Adjust Your Monitor
Correct placement and adjustment of the monitor can reduce eye, shoulder, and neck fatigue. Check the following when you position the monitor.

Checking Your Comfort
How Do You Measure Up?
Use this check list to see if you are setting up your work environment to fit your needs.

Checking Your Keyboard

Checking Your Mouse

Checking Your Monitor

Checking You

Who can believe The Burke Group office without Carole Martin?

Posted: May 22, 2013


After over thirty years of placing thousands of people in jobs, Carole Martin has decided that it is time for her to retire to her dogs and her gardens – with husband Randy fitting in there somewhere.   Throughout her career Carole’s caring attitude has had a major impact on the lives of so many individuals seeking a new start or a short term opportunity. Her knowledge and ability in the area of skilled trades, combined with her sincere commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of her clients, established her reputation as a premier recruiter and staffing specialist in Niagara. Already we miss the little lady with the big voice in the Burke Group offices and wish her a long and happy retirement!