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Work-Life Balance

Posted: Feb 11, 2013


Achieving Work-Life Balance

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance refers to the challenge many people experience when trying to balance the demands of work and home.  Work-life balance is one aspect of comprehensive workplace health and is greatly influenced by the culture of an organization.

Why is work-life balance an important issue?

Work-life balance is an issue that is becoming of increasing concern to employers and employees alike.  As work becomes more demanding and family commitments more pressing, employees are becoming increasingly stressed and less productive at work.  According to The Vanier Institute of the Family, the inability to balance work and life results in “reduced work performance, increased absenteeism, higher turnover rates, and poor morale”.

Across Canada, in the last decade:

It makes sense for employers to implement programs that address work-life balance for their employees.  Given that employees spend more than half of their waking hours at work, the workplace environment greatly impacts the health of employees.  The workplace is considered to be a key factor in determining one’s health status and can have a positive or negative influence, depending on the workplace environment and initiatives in place.  Employers who support their employees in achieving work-life balance can positively influence the health of employees, allowing them to be more productive both at work and at home.

Lightening your work load!

Posted: Feb 04, 2013


So far the 2013 season has started off with a huge surge in positions being made available to our Niagara Region workforce.    We understand the legwork that can be involved in filtering through piles of paperwork to get you to your ‘right fit’ candidate.   We have experience in advertising, prescreening, developing preliminary telephone questions, credential & reference checking.    This leaves you able to focus on your core business needs knowing that we are working to find you the best applicants for your roles.  It’s all a part of our “Burke Group Difference”, something we truly love doing!

Flexible Staffing

Posted: Jan 28, 2013


Flexible staffing is the ability to achieve the perfect balance of having the right amount of team meeting all your business needs effectively and efficiently in periods of growth and status quo. The Burke Group can help you achieve the perfect balance in helping you meet all of your staffing needs. We recommend hiring to your median needs ( not your greatest or least) and we will meet you in the middle!  When you have spikes in your business we can be there to support and provide the additional hands that will make you the dollars that you need.    When that time period expires, so do we.   We are around no longer than what you deem is business necessary.

In the past a “temporary” agency employee was categorized as a data entry/administrative role alone.  As the face and nature of your business can change, so to does The Burke Group.   We have a large pool of skilled, administrative, technological, engineering, accounting and manual workforce.

Big projects, small projects, special orders, deadlines looming, we have qualified trained employees trained and ready to go.    We can help you achieve your goals without employee burnout, or costly overtime. Our flexible workforce of one, or a crew of many will keep your organization on the path of progress.    All of our Burke Group team members are interviewed, trained, tested (WHMIS & AODA) with guaranteed credentials before they are even considered for assignment.  We proudly say and hope you will join us “Burke temps are the best!”


The Social Media Explosion – How do you manage it?

Posted: Jan 22, 2013


One of every five minutes online is spent using social media.  There are several business advantages to using social media, including building a positive brand image, increasing recognition and gaining customer insight.  Ultimately, social media enables businesses to reach large audiences at a very low cost – however, not without its share of potential risks.

While employees have a duty to act in good faith and uphold confidentiality – clauses which prevent them from dishonesty and harmful actions – employers risk damaging their reputation through an employee’s decision to post derogatory material(s).  Employers also risk breaching human rights and/or health legislation as they assume vicariously liability for the actions of their employees, where those acts are performed during the ‘course of employment’.

Employers can protect their businesses from the harmful risks of inappropriate Social Media usage in the workplace through the following responses:

  1. Correcting inaccurate information posted on social media forums.  Note that this is not always effective and ultimately does not remove the problematic content.
  2. Restricting employee use or content, including restricting rights to ‘represent’ the employer when using social media for personal purposes.
  3. Monitoring employee usage.  Note that this right is not unlimited as there may be a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  4. Imposing discipline for improper or unauthorized use.

To be proactive, employers must implement effective contracts and policies to protect themselves.   Effective contracts include confidentiality provisions prohibiting disclosure or use of specified information.  They include references to relevant policies governing communications, social media and protection of privacy, and they specify that breach can result in termination for cause.   Effective policies describe uses of social media that are permitted and those that are not, and state that even personal use of these media will be subject to scrutiny.  Finally, policies must be consistently enforced.

The Burke Group’s qualified human resources consultants provide the necessary guidance to ensure your policies and procedures are effective in mitigating potential risks as a result of inappropriate Social Media usage.


Are you seeing the full picture?

Posted: Jan 14, 2013

There can be times when your organization may require assistance choosing the best candidate for a position, developing executives & managers through coaching, developing succession planning or providing individual career management services.     The Burke Group has up-to-date resources here to help assist you.    Assessments, testing, tutorials are just a phone call away which can help clarify your choice between candidate A or candidate B, provide a path of progress for a valuable team member, or prepare for the future of your organization.    The Burke Group is full of individuals looking to help you and your business make the best choices which will guarantee your success in 2013.