Supervising in Today’s Workplace

April 12, 2013

In today’s workplace the supervisor’s role is one of constant change, it is no longer prudent to leave the supervisory development to guesswork and chance. Traditionally, we promote superior performers at line level to supervisory positions without offering any leadership or communication training and set them up to fail. To meet tomorrow’s needs, it is necessary to move the problem solving process to the lowest possible level – sometimes past the supervisor, down to the worker who does the actual work. This empowerment scenario suggests that organizations are continually looking for ways to get better results – to get beyond traditional thinking supervisors.

Knowledgeable supervisors have no trouble meeting production goals, maintaining quality, producing products at the lowest possible cost, or assuring the employees’ welfare. Additional benefits include noticeable improvements in a supervisor’s attitude toward the company, management and employees.  Here at The Burke Group we have worked with a variety of clients on this exact subject.    Before moving those “most amazing’ employees into a new role, we have interviewed and assessed those individuals using a 360 degree approach, ensuring that the company and candidates are set up for success.