Search and Recruitment

Professional Human Resources Managers and Recruitment Specialists deliver our unique personalized attention to your recruitment needs to help you find a new president, mid-level executive, or permanent employee.

In addition to the placement at hand, we strive to understand your cultural dynamics and working environment and match it to prospective employees, assisted by state-of-the-art psychometric assessment tools. Our services are enhanced through national affiliations and associations which adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

The Burke Group difference lies in proven methods; dedicated, knowledgeable professionals; innovation and creativity; over thirty-four years of experience; commitment to maintaining a progressive approach to technology, management and human resources development; and customer service excellence.  Although The Burke Group is a local company with deep roots in, and a solid understanding of, Niagara’s business environment, we provide the same national and global ‘candidate outreach’ as larger firms located outside the Niagara Region.  We would suggest that through today’s technology advancements, combined with our National affiliates, and our well-developed national and international networks, we are as connected as any multi-national firm, while having a far greater vested interest in witnessing the success of any organization achieving its goals.  We believe that our unique offer to any business is a “Regional Presence – Global Reach”.