Temporary Staffing


The Burke Group temporary staffing specialists can help you with job vacancies and job postings to keep your business running smoothly.  As a recognized placement agency in St. Catharines, we can help you with any workforce gaps.

Whether you are looking for short term vacation or illness coverage, or long term leaves or new positions, let us help you.

We have a large pool of clerical, administrative and industrial temporary employees to service all of your needs. All of our temporary employees are screened, interviewed, WHMIS and AODA tested and reference checked before they ever come to you. Take comfort in knowing that The Burke Group provides you with the best.

  • General Office Clerks
  • Reception
  • Skilled Trades
  • General Laborers
  • Accounting Clerks
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Traffic Control

Employee Information

The Burke Group prides itself on providing qualified, competent and reliable temporary and contract employees to our customers. And you are part of this team. As an employee of The Burke Group you are responsible for performing your duties in a competent and safe manner, and following the policies and procedures that have been established.

Call us if you have any concerns about your assignment or the safety of the workplace. With our after hours service, we can ensure you have a means of contacting us both day and night. Our consultants will provide you with your after hours contact information when you register.

As your employer, The Burke Group is genuinely concerned about your health and safety at work. Our duty is to ensure that you understand certain information systems and legislation that have been put in place. When you register, you will receive an Employee Handbook containing our Health & Safety policy in addition to in-depth WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) training. Your WHMIS training will be confirmed with the presentation of a wallet card indicating your successful date of completion. Our Service Consultants will not send you on an assignment if they suspect a workplace is unsafe.

Use the following 10-point checklist to maintain the winning performance Burke temporary and contract employees are known for:

10 Point Checklist for Office Employees

  1. Be on time
  2. Introduce yourself to co-workers
  3. Dress appropriately for job – ask The Burke Group Consultant what is suitable
  4. Be flexible – every company operates differently
  5. Ask if you have a question or do not understand something
  6. Write down all instructions for future reference
  7. Spare time? Ask for more work more work
  8. Don’t use phone for personal phone calls
  9. Don’t disclose office information
  10. When your assignment is complete, notify your Service Consultant immediately

10 Point Checklist for Industrial Placements

  1. Be on time
  2. Introduce yourself to co-workers
  3. Dress appropriately for weather and job – always wear safety boots (it is a good idea to have your own hard hat and safety glasses)
  4. Be flexible – every company operates differently
  5. Ask if you don’t understand
  6. Don’t stand around – ask for more work
  7. If the job changes notify your Service Consultant immediately
  8. Don’t overreact to criticism
  9. Complete the day – don’t ever walk off the job
  10. Notify your Service Consultant when assignment is complete