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Feb. 24, 2021

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Job Title
Maintenance Millwright
Full Time Permanent

Niagara Area

Position Description
The Maintenance Millwright performs and oversees mechanical preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as new installations. He/she is on call 24 hours per day while the plant is in operation. The Maintenance Millwright reports to the Maintenance Supervisor and is paid hourly.

  • Millwright Certification 433A
  • Some specialized training such as regulatory, health and safety training is required for the Maintenance Millwright.
  • Forklift certificate and a driver’s license (Class G).
  • Minimum 5 years Experience.

  • Perform preventative maintenance and all related tasks to minimize downtime of production equipment. Support Production needs when equipment failures arise.
  • Keeping scheduled lines running.
  • Keep equipment in “as new” shape utilizing OEM parts, specifications and technicians for proper installation/replacement
  • Respond to the needs of production to ensure maximum uptime
  • Installations, modifications and repair work – mechanical
  • Troubleshoot problems on the production equipment
  • Repairs on equipment and buildings not associated with the production lines and outside of Maintenance Millwright classified tasks
  • Daily reporting, housekeeping and adherence to safety and quality standards
  • Observe and anticipate possible problem areas with machinery
  • Purchasing, organizing and managing spare parts inventory
  • Recommend improvements to process methods, production equipment regarding safety, efficiency and/or cost savings
  • Co-coordinating and overseeing the work and safety of on-site contractors
  • Assist with production when needed. Set daily tasks with Supervisor.
  • Complete daily logs and activities reports and any other required documentation
  • Occasionally (if requested by supervisor/management) prepare documents
  • Provide on the job training to new/junior staff.
  • Use of various hand and power tools.
  • Use of precision measuring instruments.
  • Operating machine tools (milling machine, drill press, lathe and grinder) to fabricate parts required during overhaul, maintenance or set-up of machinery.
  • Sharpening and maintaining machine tools.
  • Perform all work in a safe manner and adhere to all safety policies and procedures
  • Keep all work areas in a safe, clean, and orderly condition always
  • Report all injuries (no matter how small) and document in the first aid book
  • Complete incident reports in relation to health and safety issues or material spills.
  • Report and/or contain any hazardous condition or problem
  • Wear all mandatory Personal Protective Equipment

Additional Information
Skills: Active listening, reading comprehension, instructing, coordination, time management, speaking, writing, basic mathematics, monitoring, social perceptiveness, and critical thinking. Work Values: To succeed in this position, the Industrial Millwright needs to value providing service to others and working with co-workers in a friendly environment. Work Styles: The following work styles are attributable to the Industrial Millwright: Attention to detail, accuracy, dependability, integrity, cooperation, self-control, stress tolerance, concern for others, adaptability/flexibility, initiative, creative problem solver, independence, social orientation. Attitude: The Industrial Millwright is required to have good organizational abilities and good interpersonal skills and have a positive attitude, be customer service oriented, patient, and industrious.