Certified Millwright/Industrial Mechanic

Nov 1 2023

Full Time



Exciting Career Opportunity: Certified Millwright/Industrial Mechanic at Innophos Canada

As a Certified Millwright/Industrial Mechanic you will play a crucial role in conducting maintenance inspections of machinery, equipment, and tools. including but not limited to: slings, chains, fall arrest equipment, emergency response equipment, ladders and tugger, torches, chain fails, mono-rails, etc. You will perform various functions including but not limited to welding, carpentry, pipefitting, automotive, mechanical and masonry maintenance.


•    Must hold current/valid Certificate of Qualification – Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
•    TSSA Weld Ticketed considered an asset
•    Experience with welding stainless steel and steel considered an asset
•    Previous related experience, preferably in food/chemical manufacturing industry


  • Receives instructions prints and work orders for the job. Interprets drawings and sketches, and plans details of working procedure and tools and materials requirements. Makes sketches showing construction details for fabrication or remodeling work. Plans sequence of operations and job methods. Makes calculations essential in estimating material requirements
  • Select materials in connection with suitability for the job. Lays out works, makes sketches, and determines stock sizes as required. Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded as required. Sets up, assembles, and tact: welds parts, constructing special fixtures as needed. Performs gas and electric welding in all positions (down-hand vertical, overhead, etc.) Makes any type and size of weld, "V" lap, butt, etc., preheating parts when required. Builds up worn or defective surfaces cleans grinds and flame anneals parts and welded joints as required. Uses burning equipment to dismantle assemblies and to cut material to size and shape. Performs brazing as required.
  • Performs work requiring a working knowledge of the welding properties of various types of metals, welding rods, welding heats, stress relief, allowances for fit-up and machining, and the effect of shrinkage, warp age, and expansion. Dismantles, cleans, repairs, replaces, installs, and assembles machinery and equipment.
  • Inspects plant equipment for defects, such as misalignment, wear, insufficient lubrication, etc. Determines the best way of making repairs to minimize interruption of production. Advises when the immediate shutdown of equipment is necessary to minimize damage or when the temporarily continued operation will have no harmful effect. Dismantles, cleans, repairs, replaces, installs, maintains, assembles, and lubricates mechanical equipment. Adjusts equipment for proper operating characteristics.
  • Makes either permanent or temporary repairs. Assembles and aligns gears, bearings, and shafts, involving the application of press, sliding, and running fits.
  • Babbits and scrapes bearing as required. Breaks cleans, and replaces process lines as necessary. Changes sets up, and adjusts equipment as required by current operating conditions. Works with repair crews as directed on emergency breakdowns. Performs rigging when required.
  • Sets up and operates woodworking tools as required to cut, finish, and form material for the job. Uses a variety of hand tools to form, fabricate, finish, erect, dismantle, repair, and refinish structures and plant office equipment.
  • Performs a wide variety of carpentry work such as interior finishing, repairing office furniture, doors, partitions, windows, buildings, tanks, benches, shoring scaffolds, concrete forms, etc. Locates and installs prefabricated wood and metal parts. Install or replace the broken glass as required. Dismantles and erects various types of roofing and siding. Performs touch-ups or incidental painting as required in connection with repairs. Erects scaffolds and safety barriers, and makes provisions for handling materials needed for the job.
  • Lays out work, makes sketches of piping as required, and calculates dimensions and radii of bends.
  • Sets up and operated bending, threading, and cut-off equipment, and uses various hand tools of the trade to shape and fabricate pipe as required for installation. Tests, inspects, dismantles, replaces, or installs any type of high or low-pressure pipe fittings and fixtures as required for maintenance and deconstruction of pipelines for air, water, steam, oil, gas, acid, caustic, etc.
  • Must be able to physically move/handle heavy objects
  • Performs other related duties as required
  • Observes all applicable safety and hygiene regulations and standards

Additional Information

  • Full-Time Hours
  • Normal Shifts are scheduled Monday through Friday; 7:00am-3:00pm
  • Overtime available/required
  • Benefits and pension package
  • Team Bonus

Innophos welcomes applications from people with disabilities.  Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.  Applicants need to make their needs known in advance.