Construction Industry Accountant

Nov 1 2023

Full Time



Construction Industry Accountant (Excel Superstar)

Join a distinguished General Contractor with an illustrious three-decade history in the construction domain. Our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence within project timelines and budgets defines us. We're devoted to exceeding client expectations through inventive solutions and precise financial stewardship. As we expand, we seek an exacting Accountant with Excel mastery to bolster our thriving team.

As a Construction Industry Accountant, you'll be instrumental in managing and reporting on the financial aspects of our construction projects. Your central responsibilities will encompass meticulous financial data entry, comprehensive financial analysis, and seamless collaboration with diverse teams to ensure the financial vitality of each project.

Key Responsibilities:

Precision Financial Data Management:

  • Oversee, dissect, and reconcile intricate financial data linked to construction projects, spanning budgets, expenses, revenue recognition, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Excel Superstar:

  • Exhibit exceptional command over Excel, adeptly handling complex financial models, sophisticated cost estimations, and project budgets.
  • Leverage advanced Excel functions, formulas, and intricate macros to optimize processes and elevate data precision.

Astute Cost Oversight and In-Depth Analysis:

  • Vigilantly monitor project expenditures, juxtaposing actual outlays against budgets, and pinpoint opportunities for cost efficiency.
  • Prepare exhaustive cost reports that give project managers and executives insights for judicious decision-making.

Exacting Financial Reporting:

  • Compile accurate and prompt financial statements meticulously tailored to the construction/build sector, encompassing balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Collaborative Dynamo:

  • Engage harmoniously with project managers, engineers, and multifunctional teams to gather financial data, glean insights, and contribute to visionary project planning.

Adherence to Compliance:

  • Uphold accounting principles, industry benchmarks, and pertinent regulations throughout all financial activities.

Process Enhancement Advocate:

  • Discern opportunities for procedural refinement in accounting and financial management.
  • Contribute proactively to the execution of sophisticated procedures that elevate efficiency.

Audit Champion:

  • Champion internal and external audits by furnishing essential financial data and meticulously organized documentation.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related discipline.
  • Preferred: Previous experience as an Accountant in the construction realm.
  • Keen analytical prowess and practical application of common sense for well-rounded decision-making.
  • Excel Superstar: Exceptional command over Microsoft Excel, including proficient management of intricate financial models and in-depth reporting.
  • Sharp and unwavering attention to detail.
  • Robust understanding of accounting principles, cost control strategies, and sophisticated financial analysis techniques.
  • Exceptional communication aptitude to seamlessly collaborate with multifaceted teams.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment, adeptly managing deadlines and skillfully multitasking.

If you're poised to join an enterprising team and leverage your Excel mastery in the world of construction accounting, seize the opportunity and apply now!