Junior Sales Assistant

Nov 30 2022



Niagara Area

Junior Sales Assistant 

We respect and appreciate the traditional approaches that the benefits industry has used for generations. But as a client-centric future-focused organization we are forging a new path forward, embracing change and innovation to deliver more to small and mid-sized employers and their employees.  

An exciting career opportunity for someone coachable, resilient to change, experienced in overcoming adversity, who thrives in a fast-paced and changing environment AND who takes pride in doing right by the people you work with, there’s a good chance a position at NextGen could be for you. 

  In this role, you will be supporting NextGen’s industry-leading sales team by:

  • Creating templated reports
  • Cross-referencing prospect lists
  • Coordinating schedules and sending meeting invites
  • Inputting and managing data in our CRM

You will experience hands-on training and support from an experienced sales assistant and be part of a young, progressive team eager for success. 

As you progress in your role as a junior sales assistant there will be ample room for growth. To be a long-term fit with NextGen it’s paramount that you are not the type to put limits on yourself, the organization, or the infinite number of possibilities that could exist.  

With us you need to be like an astronaut…’ the sky is not the limit it is only the beginning’