Manager Corporate Services

May 11 2023

Full Time



We are seeking an experienced Manager of Corporate Services who will work closely with the President and provide support in various areas of the organization. The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in working with Boards and committees, accounting, bookkeeping, and office administration. The Manager of Corporate Services will be responsible for ensuring compliance with corporate By-Laws, preparing financial reports, managing cash flow, maintaining corporate books, and managing the benefits program. The successful candidate will be proficient in Sage Accounting systems and Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat) and have excellent organizational and communication skills. 

Key Responsibilities:
  • Track all submissions, seek necessary approvals, and report for all program agreements.
  • Create Funding Agreements for each project with accurate Performance measures.
  • Record and maintain financial records for each project.
  • Ensure all final Board Reports of any Funding program completed are submitted with accurate information. Ensure adequate insurance is in place for General Liability Insurance for all property, and equipment as well as for organizational liability, Director and Officer Liability for volunteers including the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure the accurate set-up and maintenance of payroll & benefit costs for all employees.
  • Manage Benefits Program: Administer benefits program, Coordinate the annual review of benefit costs and premiums.
  • Accurately maintain and track all staff Vacation & Sick days.
  • Assist in establishing human resource policies and identify training needs.
  • Coordinate all Board Election activities, general membership correspondence, and necessary program details for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Assist in establishing and implementing operational policies, processes, tools, and standards to support objectives and ensure compliance to our policies.
  • Ensure that all financial transactions, statements, and reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Manage cash flow to minimize the need for a Line of Credit
  • Schedule and meet with the bookkeeper monthly to independently complete the month-end financial package including - Bank Reconciliation, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Aged Accounts Payable, Aged Supplier Accounts
  • Ensure the monthly preparation and notification of Accounts payable, Interest calculations and charges to overdue accounts, and Statements mailings.
  • Ensure procurement rules for expenditures are properly followed and documented.
  • Schedule and manage the annual external audit in the preparation of the year-end financials.
  • Manage the reconciliation of credit card expenses.
  • Ensure timely submission of reports including - Monthly HST remittances and rebates, Annual Record of Public Sector Salary Disclosures, and Annual Submission of T1044.
  • Prepare agendas and meeting materials in advance of all meetings.
  • Prepare Corporate Reports to the Board or Committees as required.
  • Participate and ensure implementation of all governance-related activities including administrative responsibilities for the recording and preparation of all minutes for the Board and all Committees.
  • All Ministry-required reporting is in compliance with the Transfer Payment Agreement.
  • Assist in preparing the annual Business Plan and budgets.
  • Ensure the organization meets all regulatory requirements, such as, but not limited to Violence and Harassment policies and training. AODA policies and training, First Aid policies and training, ESA standard posting requirements, WHMIS policies, and training.
Skills and Qualifications 
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Minimum of 5 years experience working with Boards and Committees
  • Experience in creating and managing contracts
  • Experience in issuing RFPs with suppliers