Preserve valued relationships, rescue morale and productivity, and generate social value
We believe that healthy workplaces are integral to fostering healthy communities. At The Burke Group, we are committed to managing the termination process sensitively, fulfilling our moral duty to members of our community to secure a brighter, more sustainable future for all.
Outplacement services help to preserve the dignity of terminated employees, keeping them motivated and engaged, while also maintaining the public image of employers.
While restructuring and terminations can be extremely difficult for all parties involved, they are sometimes necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of your organization. The Burke Group works with and coaches’ management to plan the sequence of events.
At The Burke Group, our outplacement services help to facilitate smooth career transitions for indispensable members of our communities. Our trained professionals form positive, supportive relationships with individuals, providing invaluable advice and emotional support to help them cope with the trauma of making a career change. Our career consultants provide all the tools and resources required to create a plan that provides success.
From coaching and counselling to education, we help individuals develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s job market, providing ongoing guidance and support to help affected individuals sustain a productive and successful job search while also ensuring that surviving staff remain as engaged and motivated as possible.


Helping all involved navigate smooth transitions

Termination support
All party coaching
Skills development
Job placement
Continual support

What They Said.


“We have used The Burke Group for Career Transition and Outplacement Services for many years, they have become our trusted partner in supporting our team in this transition period. They are highly skilled, trained, and professional while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and respect. They treat our employees with kindness and dignity, which is critical for us as an organization during this time of transition for our employees.”






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