Upholding transparency & accountability in the workplace
We believe that organizations have a duty to be transparent and accountable to all stakeholders (including their employees and members of their communities) in the event of workplace misconduct. Doing so can be extremely beneficial to organizations, allowing them to avoid public scrutiny, sustain team morale, and circumvent legal action.
Allegations of misconduct in the workplace, such as discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, are serious and must be treated as such. While there are some situations in which investigations can be handled internally, improper, incomplete, or legally unsound investigations can cost your organization time and money and erode credibility.
The Burke Group is available to provide impartial third-party workplace investigative services in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. Our certified HR professionals have extensive experience conducting thorough investigations in organizations of all sizes. We treat all matters with the requisite severity, corroborating accounts of wrongdoing while ensuring that all parties involved are treated with dignity.


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“Our company recently found ourselves under a Ministry of Labour recommendation to seek an independent Third-Party Investigator, we hired The Burke Group, and they immediately explained their process, worked diligently and efficiently to ensure all parties were heard and treated fairly and with utmost respect. Their expertise and process were objective and protected confidentiality for all involved. The investigation was difficult for our employees and organization and The Burke Group conducted interviews effectively and efficiently and provided us with a detailed report and suggestions for us moving forward to ensure we are doing everything necessary to keep our employees safe and free from any form of harassment.”





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