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Managing Snow Days
The weather outside is frightful, or at least it will be fairly soon...    With an average of 65 days of snow a year in Ontario, a few are bound to be white-out storms – putting a temporary halt on the regular day to day life. Before the sn......READ MORE
Reasons to Use a Certified Third-Party Investigator
When it comes to workplace investigations, there’s absolutely no room and no tolerance for bias. Whether the discussion is taking place because of a hiring situation, an employee outplacement, or a harassment charge, investigations are unde......READ MORE
How to Boost your Employee Engagement
According to a new study by HRReporter, employee engagement levels are dropping worldwide. With engagement levels at 62% in the first quarter of 2022, workplaces are suffering from the lowest engagement they’ve seen in three years....READ MORE
3 Tips to Embrace Neurodiversity in the Workplace
An estimated 30-40% of the population is neurodivergent, and it’s Burke’s belief that we can evolve the workforce into a more neuro-inclusive space to gain greater workplace engagement, innovation, and collaboration. Here are 3 tips on how....READ MORE
Pros and Cons of a 4 Day Work Week
Pros and Cons of a 4 Day Work Week
We all love a 3-day weekend. But what if we were to alter the standard 5-day workweek and made a 4-day schedule the norm? Research shows that a 4-day workweek can improve productivity, employee satisfaction and enhance your company’s recrui......READ MORE
Working for Workers Act, 22
What You Need to Know About the Working for Workers Act, 22
A few months ago, Bill 88- the Working for Workers Act, 2022- came into effect.  ...READ MORE
Family Enjoying Time on the Beach
5 Reasons Why All Employees Should Use Their Vacation Days
With COVID measures deterring most of us from venturing far beyond our homes, it’s no wonder that over the past two years employees have been holding off on vacations....READ MORE
Why Are Human Resources Important in the Workforce?
Why Are Human Resources Important in the Workforce?
Employees are a company’s greatest asset, which is why human resources (HR) is such an important function in every organization. Without it, companies would be unable to effectively recruit and retain employees, maintain a positive and safe......READ MORE
Remote Working - Computer & Paper on Desk
Should You Consider a Hybrid Work Model?
For the past two years, workplaces have looked very different for Canadians. Some of us worked from home, while others returned to work with new health mandates in place.  ...READ MORE
Workplace Meditation
Tips for Implementing Mindfulness Strategies in the Workplace
Work can be fast-paced, competitive, and extremely stressful at times. High levels of stress can result in decreased creativity and efficiency, leading to decreased productivity, absenteeism, and burnout.  ...READ MORE